Our History

From humble beginnings...



The Lord guides Lewis and Leah Nelms to start Gospelink. Through the generous donation of a Christian businessman, a rent-free facility is provided in Wrens, GA, which would serve as the first Gospelink office.

The vision: to link sponsoring individuals, families, churches, and groups with church-planting preachers in other nations. The first preachers who were sponsored were from the African nations of Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. At the end of 1998, thirty-six national preachers were being provided with quarterly assistance and, through their labors and the blessing of the Lord, over 16,000 people had accepted Christ as their Savior! These new Christians had formed over 60 churches.



Gospelink expands their mission work into the countries of Tanzania. They bring on additional staff in the USA that allowed for this geographical growth. By the end of 2001, the ministry sponsors over 250 national preachers and see over 130,000 people come to Christ in these African nations.



A year of many transitions for Gospelink. The USA headquarters moves from Georgia to Florida. Several new families join the Gospelink team at the new Florida headquarters. Gospelink expands its geographical work to support preachers in Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique. Over 380 preachers are assisted and nearly half a million people receive Christ as their Savior!


With the growing USA staff came the opportunity to expand the work of Gospelink into another part of the world. Gospelink begins helping national preachers in Russia and Ukraine. It was exciting to see the difference that the sponsorship funds and prayers made in the lives of these preachers who were so poor, but so dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. By the end of the year, over 500 preachers were being assisted, resulting in over 1 million reported conversions and over 5,000 new churches.



In the final months of 2005, after completing seven years of ministry in Africa and two years in Eastern Europe, Gospelink begins assisting preachers in India. That same year, construction begins on Ambassador International University (AIU) in Kazemba, Zambia.  Once finished, this educational facility will have the capacity to train 300 students annually.


Gospelink begins assisting preachers in Ethiopia and Vietnam.  In addition, construction begins on the Malawi Agricultural Training Center.  This facility on Lake Malawi will provide agricultural and theological training, as well as providing resources for hunger relief and other worthy projects. Over 1,000 preachers are being assisted, exceeding 100,000 areas evangelized and over 15,000 churches started.


Gospelink relocates its office to Lynchburg, Virginia. An Orphan Sponsorship Program is started to support vulnerable children in our ministry areas. Ambassador International University opens for classes.


By the end of the year, Gospelink had begun the AIU Student Sponsorship Program to assist students attending the university. Worldwide areas evangelized exceeded 150,000 resulting in 25,000 churches started.


Gospelink begins assisting preachers in Rwanda. The Harvest Hope Home orphanage is started on the grounds of the Malawi Training Center. Nyezima School is started in Zambia. Ambassador International University sees its first graduating class.


Gospelink begins assisting preachers in Kazakhstan. Chifundo Rural Health Clinic opens on the campus of Ambassador International University in Zambia. We exceeded 6 million reported conversions and over 200,000 areas evangelized.


By the end of the year, Gospelink had begun assisting preachers in the Republic of Georgia. Harvest Hope School opens at the Malawi Training Center. Annual cataract surgeries begin at Chifundo Rural Health Center. Gospelink purchases its USA office building.


Gospelink has begun assisting preachers in Cambodia. Chifundo Rural Health Center has undergone a 6,500 square foot addition, making it one of the most modern medical facilities in Rufunsa District. Thanks to God’s blessing and the generosity of donors, we’ve been able to send over $25 million in preachers’ funds overseas. We’ve seen over 7 million people come to Christ, and witnessed more than 250,000 areas evangelized.


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