Mission & Vision

A Global Link for the Local Church

The mission of Gospelink is to connect the church globally for the purpose of gospel ministry. We diligently seek out national Christian leaders who are actively involved in local church ministry. After determining credibility through our application process, we then locate churches and individuals who would like to work alongside them. We want to leverage the potential of the global church by providing the link between the national leader and their ministry partners.

What We Do

Through our global partners, Gospelink is involved in various ministry initiatives. We believe that the gospel has eternal implications, as well as present applications. In other words, we believe that the gospel is holistic and, by its very nature, changes everything about our lives now and for eternity. We view the local church as God’s instrument of change in a community. Our specific areas of focus are:

Church Planting & Discipleship

We partner with church planters who are actively expanding the gospel ministry in their communities. Our vision for church planting is to help in establishing self- reliant, multiplying local churches.

Justice & Compassion Ministries

We help orphans and vulnerable children in the midst of crisis. By building orphanages and sponsoring the care of orphans through national leaders, and living out the scripture found in Micah 6:8, we provide dignity and hope to the oppressed and down-trodden.

Community Development Projects

We believe that the power of the gospel brings holistic life change. We help communities through leadership development, health clinics and services, digging water wells, building schools, and training teachers and other professionals.


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