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Domestic Representative

Gospelink is seeking full-time USA personnel to serve as mission representatives. Representatives may reside in any area of the USA. Their primary responsibilities are three-fold:


  • Domestic: Representatives present the National Preacher Sponsorship Program throughout the year in churches, organizations, home groups, Christian schools, etc. This involves networking, building relationships, securing meetings, public speaking, and preaching/teaching.
  • International: Representatives travel internationally at least once each year to oversee one of the nations where Gospelink serves. On these trips, they inspect/evaluate the ministry work being done by the Gospelink preachers; they interview national preachers for future sponsorship consideration; and, they encourage Gospelink preachers and their families. On these trips, representatives may also host mission teams, conduct evangelism, minister to orphans, provide training for church leaders, oversee construction projects, etc.
  • Administrative: Representatives work closely with the Gospelink leadership in the nation they oversee to resolve problems, to evaluate sponsorship applications and reports, and to maintain quality control in all aspects of the National Preacher Sponsorship Program


Representatives must be in agreement with Gospelink’s Statement of Faith; be able to meet the three primary objectives above; and they must be able to secure their personal/family/ministry support. Because of the spiritual nature of their work, it is best if they are ordained/licensed ministers and have sufficient knowledge of and experience in church ministry. It is also to their advantage to have at least a BA in Theology or some related discipline. Full-time USA representatives are expected to serve a minimum of four years with Gospelink.

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