Agricultural Training Center

  Malawi is known as the "warm heart" of Africa. Its people are peaceful and kind. Among its many resources is Lake Malawi - one of the largest lakes in all of Africa. Though water is available and the land is fertile, thousands of Malawian nationals die of starvation every year. After seeing this great need for agricultural training, Gospelink is taking steps to help address this problem.

Gospelink has purchased nearly 1,000 acres on Lake Malawi, and construction has been initiated on an agricultural facility. This center has two primary purposes.
1. Agricultural Training. With its irrigation system in place, not only is food being grown, but training is being provided for nationals in sound farming techniques to help reverse the hunger problem. Some of the food produced is used for hunger relief, while some is sold and used for various other humanitarian and ministry projects.
2. Spiritual Training. Each year, hundreds of pastors and church leaders are trained in Biblical principles which can be implemented in their lives and ministries. Needs are being addressed and lives are being changed!
*  Agricultural work
Children's Ministry/Orphanage
*  Ministry Training School
*  National preacher conferences
Zachariah Nkhata -  Director of Operations at the Training Center
Shadrack Galatia -  Children's Ministry Director
William Macheso -   Oversees the growing of rice
*  Stephen Chasanga - Oversees discipleship, schedules of the 14 young men on our property who are preparing for ministry

*  Resources are needed for development and expansion.
*  Resident personnel are also needed to live and work at the center.


If you would like to contribute to our work at the
Agricultural Training Center:

    Give Online or Mail in a Check - made  out to Gospelink, include "Malawi Project" in the memo section or with an attached note (so we know how to allocate).