Athanase Habimana
NE Congo

Athanase was born into a pagan family that was heavily involved in idolatry, ancestral worship, and other traditional heathen practices. In 1970, his father passed away, but his mother and the rest of the family continued their religious practices. During this time, Athanase was far from God and lived a life that reflected the distance.

During a conference in 1978, God used a message preached by Pastor Sebakara Barore about sin, its roots, and its consequences to convict Athanase of his own sin. A reading of Romans 3:23 transformed his life. That day, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Athanase married Rachel, who was born into a Christian family. She grew up watching her parents’ godly example and attended Sunday School and church. She was taught about the ministry of Jesus – how he came to earth to die on the cross for our sins – and many stories from the Bible. At ten years of age, she decided to receive Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior because of all the things she had learned. Rachel became committed to God’s ministry – first serving as a choir member, and then later, in positions of greater commitment. She now works as a children’s Sunday School teacher, and is actively involved in an orphan outreach ministry.

In 1985, Athanase accepted the call to serve God as a deacon and shortly thereafter, as the pastor of his church.  God has been using him from that time on as His servant in several different ministries– such as church planting, preaching, discipleship, translating the gospel, and evangelism. He is glad to be God’s instrument and ambassador to his country.

Athanase and Rachel have 7 children and 3 orphans living with them.