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International Bible College of Zambia

Gospelink has strategically selected the nation of Zambia for its Bible College. First, Zambia is a peaceful nation and has been peaceful since gaining its independence in the 1960s. And secondly because English is the official language of the nation of Zambia and is the language used at the college.

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For the college to function at maximum effectiveness and grow to its capacity of 600 students, the positions below will need to be filled:

Director of Academics: Position entails oversight and development of all academic programs at IBCZ, teacher acquisition/communication/development, curriculum development, college document development, academic/legal record-keeping, teaching, and governmental compliance. (The Director of Academics should have at least a doctorate or be in process of obtaining it.)

College Teachers: Position entails teaching 6 to 8 courses annually in accordance with degree requirements (areas needed: Theology, English, French, or Biblical Languages), student mentoring, Christian service oversight/development, academic record-keeping, and college document development. (College teachers should have a MA degree or higher.)

IBCZ is seeking full-time workers from the USA and other international locations to serve in the categories above. To qualify, workers must be in agreement with Gospelink’s Statement of Faith; they must be fluent in English; they must have sufficient expertise in the category of service they choose; and they must be able to secure their personal support.

Full-time missionaries are expected to serve a minimum of four years. IBCZ will provide their lodging. For more details or questions, call Gospelink at 434-485-7007 or email us.