International Bible College

With so many people throughout Africa coming to Christ, there is a growing need for sound theological training. To help meet this need, Gospelink opened the doors of the International Bible College of Zambia. The school, which is easily accessible from Zambia's capital, Lusaka, will be able to serve students throughout the entire southern quadrant of Africa.
The property for this educational center, which was donated to Gospelink by Chief Bunda Bunda in 2005, is situated on the Chongwe River and covers an area of about 300 acres. Through the joint participation of numerous USA churches and businesses, as well as hundreds of African pastors, construction was initiated in mid-2005 and has continued to date, with nearly 200 buildings either partially or totally completed, including a clinic and a library.
Though still under development, the college was opened with the first twelve Zambian students in January, 2009.  The pr
ofessors, both Africans and foreigners, offer a full, four-year course of study with 120 credits.  Though theology is the primary course of study, every student is also trained in the fundamentals of building, agriculture, livestock, and other practicals. 
All accepted students attend the college free of charge, but are required to participate in a work scholarship program. Their work, which is primarily focused on agriculture, helps to develop their character and to provide the necessary food for college consumption, as well as revenu
e generation. Additionally, each student has TWO sponsorships of $50 each, which helps meet the educational and living expenses of these college students while they receive their training.  To assist with one of these Student Leader Sponsorships, click here.
Each year, more students are enrolled and begin their studies. In 2012 and thereafter, enrollment will be opened to students from other nations in the southern quadrant of Africa. Once full capacity is reached, the International Bible College of Zambia will be able to facilitate the training of 600 students each year.
Financial assistance is still needed to complete the facilities and to implement new projects. To meet the needs of a growing student body, personnel are also needed - both resident staff and teachers, as well as non-resident teachers.  
The International Bible College has the potential to change lives, not only of the thousands of students who will be trained, but of their future families and the tens of thousands they will reach as they graduate and spread to regions across Africa. In addition to the resident students, the Bible college will be a base of operations for many future ministry related projects, such as retreats, camps, sports clinics, distance learning programs for preachers, the African Audio Bible, etc.
We welcome your participation in any capacity. To help financially, you have a couple options: send a check via mail or give online. If you are interested in a teaching (resident or non-resident) or a staff position, click here.  

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