Be A Global Partner

Through our global partners, Gospelink is involved in various ministry initiatives. We believe that the gospel is holistic and, by its very nature, changes everything about our lives now and for eternity. We invite you to partner with us as sponsors to make a kingdom impact.

Types of Sponsorships

Funding is secured through the donations of partners and the ongoing personal sponsorships of national preachers, students and faculty, and orphans and vulnerable children.

National Preachers

Gospelink works alongside nationals who are actively pursuing God‘s mission within their own context. We partner with church planters who are actively expanding the gospel ministry in their communities. Our vision for church planting is to help in establishing self- reliant, multiplying local churches. There are a number of advantages with partnering with national preachers to accelerate the spread the gospel.


Ambassador International University in Zambia is training Africa’s next generation of spiritual leaders. Currently students are receiving a degree in theology. There is a also a nursing program which will be launched in the near future, followed by a degree program in education. Funding for Ambassador International University is secured through the donations of partners and the ongoing personal sponsorships of the students, graduates and faculty.


There are more than 150 million documented orphans worldwide. Yet, this number does not include the 150 million street children, more than 1 million trafficked children, and tens of thousands of child soldiers. As Christians, we are specifically called to care for the orphaned and the fatherless. The Bible speaks of “pure religion” being to help the orphan and widow in their distress (James 1:27).


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