Simon Maponga | 2009 Qtr. 4 ministry report (in his own words)

In this report, pastor Simon Maponga tells of his excitement for 2010 and his anticipation that God will blow the roof off of any limit placed on Him. In Him ALL THINGS are possible.

As we step into 2010, I reflect on those who touched our lives and made our lives memorable. You came ot my mind and I want to say “thank you” and Happy New Year! We thank God for renewing our wings as we continue to fly higher than ever before. They say that life begins at 60, so Esther and Simon have been left with four months to begin our lives. As we celebrate our 60 years in June, we are able to kick the soccer ball as far as 20 meters away. We can run, jump, twist, rock, and sing sweet melody. We thank God for His many blessings!!

2010 is our turn to reaffirm that it is the eternal will of God to bring men and women, young people and children to the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. We give praises to God for His faithfulness in all seasons and circumstances. One man told me, “Provision always follows vision.” I must say this has been true in training and ministry. The Lord has put different people in different places and positions to influence the ministry to the next level. I started saying to our people “Get ready for broken limits, expanded territories and broadened horizons”. It is a move from natural to supernatural and from slow-motion to fast-forward.

In 2009, it was a year of large places and a move from unfruitfulness to bearing much fruit manifested for many individuals in the kingdom of God. I have a great sense of excitement in my spirit that we have experienced to date. The revival and crusade meetings are a mastery clinic where we become equipped with tools and practical skills for outreach. We have lined up great men of virtue who are known masters in different areas of life who will help us to unlock and release graces into the lives of many people. 2010 is the year to stand in the gap as we together reach out and turn our district to Jesus. Please pray for Esther and myself for our continue physical and spiritual strength. Please pray for God to give us the courage to face life’s challenges and for Zimbabwe’s future political situation.